TheAlien.888 Generative NFT FAQ

đŸ‘½TheAlien.888 FAQ 


What is TheAlien.888 NFT Collection?

TheAlien.888 is a collection of 10,000 unique and rare generative Alien NFTs built on the Ethereum blockchain. It aims to be a community-driven project with various utilities planned for the metaverse, games, and staking.

What is the main goal of the project?

TheAlien.888 prioritizes community involvement. Holders will have special access to member-only benefits, participate in governance voting, and influence the project's future decisions.

How many NFTs are in the collection?

There are 10,000 NFTs in TheAlien.888 collection.


What benefits come with owning a TheAlien.888 NFT?

Owning a TheAlien.888 NFT grants you:

  • - Access to exclusive member-only benefits (unspecified yet).
  • - Voting rights in project governance.
  • - Priority access to future utilities like tools in the metaverse, games, and staking opportunities.

What are the usage rights for owning a TheAlien.888 NFT?

Current information on usage rights is unavailable. It's recommended to check the project's official channels for future updates.


How can I buy a TheAlien.888 NFT?

While the official mint date is yet to be announced, there was a pre-launch mint for 4 NFTs to introduce the characters. Information on the public mint will likely be announced on their website and social media channels.

What cryptocurrency do I need to buy a TheAlien.888 NFT?

Specific details on the required cryptocurrency haven't been revealed yet. However, considering it's built on Ethereum, Ethereum (ETH) is a strong possibility.


Is there a community for TheAlien.888 NFT holders?

Yes, there's a TheAlien.888 Nation community on

How can I join TheAlien.888 NFT community?

You can join their community on or follow their social media channels (links likely available on their website).


What blockchain is TheAlien.888 built on?

TheAlien.888 is built on the Ethereum blockchain. All the necessary information can be found at Rarible & OpenSea

Where can I see the smart contract for TheAlien.888?

The smart contract address is available on Rarible & OpenSea. You can also easily find it on the blockchain explorer i.e. Etherscan using it's Web3 address smartcontract.thealien.888 or diirectlky accessing using the provided address.

Additional FAQs

What is the roadmap for TheAlien.888 project?

There is no publicly available roadmap yet. Stay tuned to their official channels for announcements. However, the initial one can be found here 

What is the team behind TheAlien.888?

TheAlien.888 is a pilot project developed by iZND Group's R&D Team, a leading technology company. It showcases how NFTs can be used by businesses to achieve strategic goals and gain a competitive edge.

Early adopters and NFT holders gain exclusive access to cutting-edge technologies and models. They have the opportunity to help shape the development of these technologies and even influence the project's Go-to-Market strategy through a defined ranking system.

This unique approach to NFT ownership sets TheAlien.888 apart, allowing holders to directly influence the project's future and gain exposure to innovative technologies.

How can I learn more about TheAlien.888?

You can learn more about TheAlien.888 through the following resources:

  • - Website: htttps://
  • - Social media channels refer to profile
  • - Rarible collection: